How to combine a Delay sensor with a Keyboard sensor and make Delay sensor works?

What i want to do is when i press X key and within 3 seconds my character become invisible using a Delay sensor and a visiblity actuator. How to combine this two sensors on the Logic Bricks? how to activate keyboard and delay sensors at the same time? I have to use an expression or an and controller?
thanks for stop by and reading … and answering my dumb rookie questions

State 1:
Keyboard (key) -> And -> Change State

State 2:
Delay -> And -> Invisible

I’ll try, thanks man

Nope! didn’t work man! check what i did. What i just did wrong??

here’s the blend file


testd.blend (502 KB)

You started with both states enabled. Under the ‘Initial State’ try only selecting the first one.

Wow! that was all! thanks man! CASE CLOSED!