How to combine camera tracking and HDR or IBL scenes?

Hi guys,

I’m working on a project that requires a model that has been textured and lit using high dynamic range/image based lighting techniques, to be inserted into video footage that has been tracked. So far I’ve tried creating and illuminating the model in on file, while tracking the camera footage in another file, the appending the model into the file with the tracked footage. However when i do this, the model no longer appears to be lit with HDR/IBL. I’ve also tried lighting and texturing the model in the file with the tracked scene using cycles, however the background panorama image does not appear. When i try to set the model to be a reflective and metallic looking to see if it reflects the background, it appears black when rendered. Is there some particular way to light a model using a HDR environment map, then insert it into a video tracked within Blender to make it seem as if the model was actually in the scene when the footage was filmed? I know how to do it with images but, adding camera tracking into the equation completely throws me off.

TL;DR version:- How do I combine a model that was lit using Blender’s HDR/IBL techniques with a video tracked in Blender to make it look like a realistic scene?

Any help you guys can offer would be much appreciated

Are you using the compositor? In order to combine a 3D object from the viewport with background video you need to do it in the compositor.

ETA: There’s no need to append the model. It can all be done in one scene.

Steve S

when you appended in the model, did you also copy / append in the world ? as in what the world environment was actually doing? otherwise you will only transfer the mesh itself and not the lighting information.

When I’ve tried doing everything in one scene, the tracking doesn’t seem to work properly; when I set the tracked video scene to be shown as the background image in the camera view it doesn’t appear and all of the empties used to represent the tracking points appear within the FOV cone of the camera object. If I could get this to work I could start messing with the compositor to try and get my desired results but I can’t get to that point yet because the camera tracking and Cycles lighting don’t seem to work together in the same file. I’m doing everything the same way as when I did two separate files, but I can’t get the two to work together when done in the same file.
Maybe I need to do something with the compositor earlier, for example is the compositor required to set the tracked footage as the background of the camera view now that the IBL has been done in the same file?