How to combine the head with the pole?

I’ve got this lamp here and I want to animate the stick, but the headlamp is separated because the rig might distortion the shape of it (I didn’t find a way to solve this)
I tried to parent the headlamp with the stick but it doesn’t work
I’m using the bendy bones addon here.
Any response is aprecciated

Hi @Kenkento

Posting the .blend file is the best way to get help around here for something like this…


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Hi, in object mode select the head first then the bendy bone go to edit mode select the top of your bendy bone and parent (ctrl-P)
Or in object mode select head then bendy bone ctrl+P > Bone.

Here is the connected head file:
bendy_conected1.blend (3.6 MB)

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sorry, here’s the file:
Lamp.blend (3.7 MB)

thank you so much :slight_smile:

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