How to composit a Combined image when using an SSS shader?

I’ve noticed that when you try to composit a combined image when you are using an SSS shader, the color gets messed up, in fact you get a non SSS image and the color is the complementary of the color you set as the radius of your SSS shader, why is that? is there a different way of compositing when SSS is used or is this just not possible?, a least at the moment?

I’ve tried adding an invert node to the diffuse color but that’s not a solution you still lose the SSS and the color it’s still not the same, just the original “radius color” of the SSS, but the original “SSS color” gets lost

the newest blender version has sss-passes (maybe you have found it out already)

thanks animelix, I read it was going to be available but I didn’t know it was already out, I’ll get a recent build right away to try it out.

well, with the new SSS passes on cycles now there is SSS on the composit (though I think its bit extreme), unfortunately we just get a final image with the color of the radius set on the SSS shader, but there is no info on the diffuse passes (I mean on Suzanne which is the one that has the SSS shader) it’s just black, I’ve tried unwrapping Suzanne and adding an image texture to see If I get any color that way but that didn’t work either, maybe it’ll take a little bit of waiting like for the new SSS passes.