How to connect 2 bones? - in 2.49b

I have been trying the Merge hotkey: Alt M, but nothing happens :frowning:

Thanks guys,


to connect two bones but have them as separate bones, click the Con button for the child.

to merge two bones, right click on the child end, snap the cursor to selected, then snap the end of the parent bone to the cursor, and then delete the child.

Thanks a bunch for the reply PS :slight_smile:
Would you mind indicating what modes should I be in for these to work?


Edit mode. you can only change the actual structure of the armature in Edit mode. Pose mode is only for moving bones around. Object mode is only used to match the location of the armature with the location of the mesh being deformed.

I found that I can just select the child bone, then use this drop-down menu to choose the parent bone.