How to connect all parts of the model to the bones properly

I want to import my animal crossing model into blender so I can use this 3D model of her for things. Everything was going well until I had to connect each bone to its individual parts of its mesh which I didn’t know how to do. Cats was able to help me by lining up parts of the mesh but when going into pose mode, some parts came out wrong when moving an individual bone as shown here.

I can only assume that I have to go back to before all the meshes and armatures are linked together and paint the vertex weights for them in for each group for them to come out right when posing. If that isn’t the right thing to do, then I would appreciate some advice on what I would need to do.

The model has a hat that goes on top of the hair and head but both the hat & hair dont move the way the hat is supposed to.

Hi. According to your screenshot you parented the hat to the chest bone it, needs to be head bones.

That makes sense but the only bone the hat has is the root bone. Do I want to connect that to the head bone,

Is there a way to parent my hat material to the head bone because the bone I’m using for the hat says it’s parented to the hat bone already and it still looks like that

You can try deleting the hat bone and parenting the hat mesh to the head bone.

Ok so I’ve managed to connect the hair and hat to the head like you said but now I need to reconnect the other clothes meshes to the bones. The problem is I can’t (or don’t know how) to select both a mesh and an individual bone. Blender lets me select the entire armature but only parents a mesh to the head which doesn’t work for the dress and shoes. when I fix the model with cats, it works for the rest of the model but undoes the head hat and hair so I can only guess that my next action would be to select all the head parts with weight paint mode but would there be an easier way.

Edit: I found a solution by deselecting join meshes in the menu for fix model. I just need to fix the chest area for the dress so that it moves with the chest and body and isnt stretching.

Hi, you can try automatic weights and then fix it with painting the weights.

Off topic, but the window menu have a screenshot command.

I’ve gotten real far on my own to where now I’ve gotten most parts linked together. The only issue I have left is that I need some parts of the materials to stick together or stretch when moving (like the sleeve for the dress isn’t attached to it when the arm moves).

If I can fix these, the model will be complete.

Edit: I fixed the issue with the model parts not stretching by separating them by material, having them all merge by distance and rejoining them again. I only need the underneath part of the dress to be aligned with the bottom rim.