How to connect and joint one irregular circle to a surface (see the immages)

I’m a beginner with blender and I need your help and your advice.
I’m trying to connect the inferior margin of an object to an irregular circle that I draw. (I attach an image)

other immage:

It’s important that the position of the point of the circle doesn’t change.

I try to search on the internet how to make it and fund two methods:

  • connect manually: select two point and press F to create a line. Repeat it for two adjacent points to create a second line and a surface. Select one of the lines just created and continue to press F
  • Use boolean union

Results of manual connection:

The result of the fusion with the first method sucks and I can’t use boolean union because the two objects don’t touch each other. So do you have some advice to give me how to make it?
Thank you in advance!

The circle and the object has a different amount (numebr) of point.

did you try the bridge tool ?

why do you need different numbers of verts ?

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If you add enough verts to the circle to match the number along the main object’s edge, you can use the Bridge tool to connect them without moving the objects.

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I tried now this solution on my project and it works! Can I ask you another thing? the new surface created has this line knurling aspect that is not homogeneous with the original surface. Do you know how to make it more similar to the original??

Thank You in advance!

if not the same number of verts
it will create some sort of weird shape!

only way would be to make in between distance smaller so it does not show much
or manually try to get quads all over

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You will need to add some edge loops and adjust them manually to get a smoother surface.

There might be a better way, but I don’t know what is.

You would be better off working with quads rather than tris. I don’t know if the loop tool will handle tris.

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do you all advise me to add point manually or there is a function? For example, there is a faction that divides a segment in two-part in the middle point? I could select all the boundary and apply this type of function

You can divide an edge in edit mode by going into the Edge menu and selecting Subdivide.

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why don’t you retopologize your object? The topology is really messy

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Thanks Antony :wink:

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The main reason is that I don’t know much about retopology, how to do it and
Which advantages can give me

having a simpler and more logical topology will allow you to have a lighter object, easier to modify and animate