how to "connect bones"

I have 2 bones which already have parent/child relationship. Now I want the tip of the child bone to be where the base of the parent bone is. I tried “Alt + M”, “Merge at last”, but this isnt available for bones. I tried to manually position the base and tip, but no transforms (position rotation and scale) is shown in the transforms window, unlike geometry. I tried “Ctr + P” doesnt seem to be meant for that.

Is this really not possible? I cant find any info while googling.

Select the base of the one bone, shift-s -> cursor to selected. Select the tip of the other bone, shift-s -> selection to cursor.


Thats works.

Though Im still curious if there is a way to find out the global position of the bones. I mean its stored like the rest of the data, right?

With a bone selected in edit mode, open the Transforms panel (n-key) the x, y, & z of the head and the tail is listed there.




Well the “true” way to connect a bone is with the little “Co” button in the Armature Bones panel ( only visible with the bone selected).


I dont see such button. Are you using 2.49?