How to connect object to other part with rotation etc?

Hello guys,
i need help, how to connect the part one to the part two?

I modeling everything separately as it is in real life.
But how after to connect it together every parts on the center where i want as on picture?
How you will do that guys?
Do i need to move it by hand rotation etc?

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You could move it by hand into the hole and then select that and the mask and then do Ctrl J to join it.

To separate it again you can just go to edit mode, press L and then press P, selection.

Oh there really is not more elegant way? This will be never on the center :confused:

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Oh sorry I am still learning Blender myself lol, have you tried using the snap, maybe select one of the faces or something and play around with it?

Assuming your cog is properly oriented, with its Z axis pointing up:

  1. On your mask, select the edge loop around the hole and fill it with a face (one face, n-gon), switch to face selection mode.
  2. With that face selected, Mesh -> Snap -> Cursor To Selected
  3. Open the transform orientation dropdown and click the “+” to create the orientation from face
  4. Delete that temporary face
  5. In object mode, select the cog and Object -> Snap -> Selection to Cursor
  6. Object -> Transform -> Align to Transform Orientation, in options pick the Face orientation you created earlier (should do that automatically but there’s a bug in 2.91)

Alternatively, for a more freeform approach, you can enable face snapping, with Snap With set to Center and pick the snapping option “Align Rotation to Target”. Then you can just move your objects and snap them to various faces, and they’ll orient themselves upright on those faces. There are few other ways like vertex snapping with multiple snap targets. Experiment :wink:


If you select the edges of the hole, you can Snap the 3d cursor (3dc) to the center of the selection.
Then you can snap the object to the 3dc.

As Stan said, but he included creating a Face, which would probably help with orientation (rotation) - I’m not sure Snapping to just the Edges would rotate the 3dc to the correct orientation, while a Face certainly will.

Snapping cursor to selected via the Snap menu doesn’t rotate the cursor. You could snap the cursor with the Cursor Transform tool, that can reorient it, but then you need a defined snapping point with particular orientation. Which is cumbersome to achieve with a hole.

Of course, one can also align their view to selection and then align an object to view… The poor cat can run out of skins pretty fast.

Hey man,
i tried your metod but its not work for me ? Can u check what im doing wrong please? I need to snap to the center of the face with the rotation.
It should looks like this.I just made it by hand for example.

Here is blendfile:SNAP WITH ROTATION.blend (904.8 KB)

This one is a bit different: you already have the target orientation set up, but your pipe also needs adjustment. Align to Transform Orientation operation rotates the object so that one of its axes matches the target axis. So, you need to ensure that your pipe’s axes are aligned to the direction of that thicker portion. You can do it in a similar fashion to before, or by using the ‘Only Origins’ setting with snapping:


Man i love you, thank you many times!!

You’re welcome.

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Thanks for being an active BA member, helping lots of users, @Stan_Pancakes, appreciated. You’re honoring the Blender community spirit. :+1:

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Until such day that they implement that elusive “do what I’m thinking of” button. :wink:


Thanks for this. In C4D I use similar approach, make dummy - temporally face just to steal position. But Blender is different. This are great help. Also check your YT channel, great stuff there.

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