how to connect one bone "root" to another bone "root"?

hi all,

i am trying to stick some mesh vertices to the single bones of a skeletton but by accident i separated the shoulders joints and don’t know how to connect them presicely again.

does anyone know?



I think i know:
switch to edit mode for your Armature
Select both bones you want to join
Ctrl P: > connect

The order with which you select your bones determinates which will be “leader” …

aaah, no,

sorry, that doesn’t seem to work.

but thanks anyway :wink:

i just tried it the stupid way: selected both joints in edit-mode for the armature and then sized them down to zero (s+0)

click the co(nnected) button


@ Avalon : I just tried what i said and it works fine…
Are you sure it doesnt work ?

Select 2 bones in EDIT mode (not pose) CtrlP: connect…

Gwentiv is right

ok, thanks guys :slight_smile:

i’ll tried it as you say then, i suppose it really does work then.

thanks, Avalon

ahh yes, so far thanks for the hints to the buttons, though it doesn’t quite work as i had imagined. see i’m trying to make the hip root joints stick to or rather be connected to the root of the parent bone “spine 1”, but when i select the hip bone and hit that “Con”- button, it only snaps to the TIP of the parent spine bone (as shown in the 3rd pic) . but i want to attach the hip root to the root of spine 1.

but how? :o


does it need to be attached?

if it is parented correctly it will still do the job
in the real word your hip is connected to your spine but in blender it doesn’t have to be
(in some other 3d apps bones all have to be connected - but not this one :slight_smile: )

okay, thanks. then i’ll just go on working that way. :slight_smile: