How to connect to models without ruining the topology

i have been having a lot of trouble connecting the head and hands to the body because they usually have too many edges for the body to connect it properly

is the a type of technique i could use to make the eaier to connect without having to connect them with verts 5 instead of 4 verts

Sure, could make a loop reduction or redirect them.

this is something you should have planned out beforehand.

hands typically have 8 12 or 16 vertx connecting them, while the neck usually has a bit more, 16 24 or 32.

those numbers are not random by the way…

best i can suggest for you is simply dont bother with the topology, just fuse them togther, and when ur done, do a process called Retopology. look it up.

You will certainly want to sculpt more details then … and so anyway you will surely need to retopo the result… so… as said finalbarrage, dont worry about topology at this level…

mine had 8 the neck only had 7 though since the body did not have that many compared to the head and hands

A diamond right?
true techinically it does not actually ruin the topology but it looks bad for me

show me a screenshot of your model.

i suspect ur trying to do stuff the traditional way, just put it this way, nearly noone models characters anymore, its all sculpt + retopology.