how to contact?

hi there,

can any one guide me how to contact any of our top leaders like respected Mr.Ton Roosendaal or Mr.Jonathan Williamson or any other leader of the forum directly through any of their emails etc.

thanks in advance


Hi, they are difficult to contact through the forum, try the respective website
for Ton Roosendaal of the foundation get the mail here:

Fot Jonathan from CgCookie:


(Sorry for my bad english)

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Email is the best way to contact either of these two. And they definitely make an effort to respond to everyone (it may take them a while, but they do).

If you have a pressing need, you may also want to try IRC. Ton is regularly on the #blendercoders channel on Freenode (and Jonathan pops in there somewhat regularly as well).

thank you for the kind response…

but I failed to contact… :frowning:

Define “failed”. If you sent them an email, you just need to be patient. Like I said, they’re quite good at responding, but they’re busy people. So they may not respond immediately.