How to continue animation

Relatively new user here, although I have a lot of experience in Daz3D products. I’ve managed import, rig and animate a clothed figure and it worked very well. As a test, I did the animation and sim in 60 frames. Now I want to continue. Started the additional anim at frame 61, with the first change in position at frame 85.

When I scrub back to frame 1, the pose position I set at frame 85 shows at frame 1 - of course, the clothing is still sitting at the original frame 1 position.

How do I get it to run the original anim and then continue onwards?

Secondary question - is there a method of saving my armature for use on a simliar figure, without having to re-make it?

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

First things first. I have to point out that you posted your question on the wrong animated section. Now, the animation. Is there a way you can post the file so someone can take a look at it? As far as your second question, yes, you can transfer the armature onto another figure without going back to remake it. It’s been done plenty of times before.

I apologies for posting in wrong thread - I’d be grateful if a mod would move it.

Unfortunately I can’t post the file - it contains a proprietary model and the TOS forbids posting it in a form from which it can be extracted.

Thank you for confirming that the armature can be re-used. Could you please explain how this is done?

It’s pretty simple really. You need to take the same armature and transfer it to another blender file. Before you transport it, in the other file, you need to place the 3d cursor in the area the “master bone” is going to appear. Every thing created in Blender has a origin point for you to see. To do that, go into edit mode on the file that you are going to send it to and highlight a section of that area. Place the cursor there and exit out of edit mode.

On the other file, rename the armature in the Object Data tab. (The tab that has a orange cube.) Once every thing is set from that file, save it, go back to the other file, and append the armature to the model. If by any chance the model there is shorter than the armature, make sure that the cursor is on the origin of the model, change the pivot point at the bottom of the 3d viewpoint, snap the armature to the 3d cursor and size it appropriately.

Make sure that every thing is aligned by making the model show the wires in the object data tab. It would be under display. Click on show wires and draw edges. Make the changes from there and you are all set.

Another tip. If you animate an action on one file and save it, you can use that same action on the duplicate armature as long as you don’t delete any of the bones. You can make changes and add more bones and it won’t affect it.

Thank you for that advice - much appreciated :slight_smile: