How to Control A Driver With Two Variab... WHAT!!


I am trying to recreate the animation in the song New World ((By SkyDoesMinecraft) I am not a big fan of him but I am trying to practice my animation skills)). In their Minecraft rig that they use when the fingers close a bit appears where the hole would be. The way I control the fingers on my rig is by little sliders at the sides which controls the middle bits rotation and a different one for the end bit of the finger. I was wondering how to get the little bit to appear when the sliders are at 0 (Completely Closed). I am not sure how to do this as it requires two variables to do this and I have no idea how to do it?

File (Only Index Finger With Sliders): SkyModel.blend (1.63 MB)


Give the piece in the middle a shape key that makes it hide up in the arm. Then make the driver the index mid or the index top. I tried this and the only problem I have is that when the second the y = _ + _ x property is a decimal, it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know the solution for that though. If your asking how to have multiple fingers trigger the disappearing piece then I would just make multiple shape keys, not very elegant, but it would work.

Oh! Well that was simple. Thank you very much for your help.

Your welcome. Glad I could help.

Maybe you already knew this, but i tried making the polynomial’s second value a low negative number like -60 and it makes it hide much faster than, say, -1. Before I was trying to make it a decimal because in the bone’s transform it displays it as a decimal, but it seems that you need to multiply the number by 100 for it to work.

Yeah I set the number to something more like 1000000000000. but that may be a bit over the top