How to control a mapping coordinate with driver?


I’ve made a simple jet engine with a noise and transparent material mixed. A gradient texture controls how long the thrust is. Works great but I wanted to control it with a bone.

Is it possible to control a mapping node figure via a bone with drivers?

Hum, driving the mapping node may not be the best solutions, there are two options that works best :

1/ UVWarp modifier : if you can map your texture with UV I think it’s the best solution.
You then add 2 emptys to control the UV coordinates and parent one empty to a bone.

2/ Using an object to define coordinates, like so:

(notice the empty in the texture coordinate)
Then parent the empty to the bone to control it.

Having direct control of the mapping node with a bone can work too, but you may have some refresh issues.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I will give that a go!

hmm its proving difficult. was using the noise texture and using another mapping node to loop it moving on the y axis to simulate flame. not sure how to do it with normal texure. unless i can somehow bake the noise texture

Oh wait. Can I turn it into an animation then use the NLA thingy and use a bone with that?

ahh balls. Thought I had it then. I can save the animation and the keyframes show up in the dope sheet, but when I go to action editor they dont show

sorry for text wall. I did what you first suggested and it works! No need for unwrapping or anything. cheers!

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