How to control animation or moving speed?

Hello BA! I have simple scene - two elevator platforms with ‘up-down’ cycle. Both platforms are are moving with same speed. I want one platform after each cycle to move faster and after few cycles to move slower each cycle back to starting speed and so on. I could use action editor to create longer animation with increasing and decreasing speed of platform. But i want more control on animation speed.

So what is easiest way to increase and decrease speed of my animation over time by some sensors (for example pressing key on keyboard) in BGE? Or maybe there is other method to animate ‘up-down’ cycle using motion actuators wich have moving speed parameters…

Have to say i am newbie especially in Python. So if solution requieres Python script explain please detailed as much as possible, or even better upload exaple with working script! Thank you in advance!

Here is blend with my example


elevator.blend (455 KB)


I made an example .blend where the animation is controlled by two properties “anim” and “speed”.

I hope you’ll find it useful!

Cheers! :slight_smile:


elevator_logic_speed_control_00.blend (510 KB)

Thank you very much. It helped me a lot. Now i’a trying to make this platform instead reseting speed to 1, smoothly decreasing speed back to 1.