How to control image transparency like photoshop

Im my model in the soup there is curry leaf. And i want to make that leaf transparent like photoshop. As if leaf is dip and floating in the soup. How to control the image. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

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Don’t be afraid of the Principled BSDF :wink:


Really awesome. Thanks. A request mostly i use 2.79 not yet migrated to 2.8+ . So Alpha nodes not working. Im much weak in the nodes. Plz suggest where i can learn this confusing nodes.


This is the best i found: but search for “procedural cycles blender” give you tons. Also don’t forget to download the latest 2.79b experimental build it contains all cycles updates until July 2019, i guess. But you really should dive into the 2.80+ world.

Thanks. I got the result its white. But the original image is Black.![original image|690x383]

Original image

white result

I want to have that same black image low down the transparency as seen in the above 2.8 using alpha. Thanks

The color slots has also to be connected, Sorry.

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wow really Thanks.

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