How to control stretching in the armpit material?

I dont understand why those planes are being stretched from the posing? As far as I can tell, they arent being pulled, only rotated?

I know that this probably wont show and I may ignore it, but if it was really important, how should I fix it?

Do I need to add more planes in the underarm area to allow for the stretching?

Thank you again,


Weight painting determines how much a particular vertex is displaced by bones.

Well I have tried painting it less in that area, but it still distorts the mesh there. And if I take it off completely, then its really ugly, since it stays in place when it should follow the bone.

Any other suggestions? Something I should read?

SO what did I do?

I had made the model with arms slanted at 45 towards the floor… so I moved them up to a 90, and then played with the shoulders, upper arm to redo the verts etc so they were BeAutiFul again (this lady is made of several objects), then did a bunch of other stuff so I had two matching arms and hands all in the right location.

Then I played with the texture and made it look a little smaller in the underarm area… then I had to redo the bones/painting. It was a learning experience to say the least. smile.

And? All is well, for another minute or so…

yea! (tick tock…)

lol, no, tic, tic, tic… of the second hand