How to "control" the light/lights in G.Engine?


I think my question is simple, I want to “control the lights”:
-Not move them in the runtime
-not "interact with them in the runtime

Just control them BEFORE running the runtime, in the game engine.

By control i mean “changing the light colours, their intensity…”
Or at least know which ones are making my Runtime bright! (which is a mystery yet as I dont have any UVmapping options as others objects.

I only have an object mode with reduce set of options!

ps: I was told they dont cast Shadows In the Blender game engine yet so That is Ok, I believe we can not see them nearly transparent like a beamcast neither…

Many thanks!

in the light menu make sure the “sphere” and “quad” buttons are selected this will make it light a speciphic area

so blender still has the mysterious runtime brightness bug… it’s not the fault of your lamps… but anway

you can insert keyframes of stuff in more than just the 3d window. In the lamp buttons, material buttons, and sometimes the edit buttons [like clip start/end of a camera]… you can also manually create these curves like you would any other ipo in the ipo window.

Thank you, U 2!

I tried the settings “QUAD” and “SPHERE” activated. and turn the runtime on by pressing P, nothing changes.

It is still normally bright and I dont have a clue why!
Maybe it is totally normal, I mean As I have some lights maybe they diffuse light normally everywhere!

But I tried to put a spot with very very ENERGY (the max) very close and with a RED colour just in front of my character and check the 2 utton quand and sphere:
Nothing appears red by pressing P…

I also thought: IT MIGHT BE THE fact that THE SPOT is on another LAYER??
NO: I put everything on the same layer and tried again.

I also just tried to delete all cameras: still normally bright…

I tried many settings but I just DONT see WHICH one concerns “lights on the Game engine”

I have Blender 2.41 by the way.

Erm still experiencing difficulties with the lights.

My 3D Ve is brighten by defaut, it is soemthing to do with “radiosity”?
Knowing that im using blender 2.41 and I didnt touch the radiosity options.

So it suppose they are by default!

try the “VertCol” button in the edit buttons. If it’s still too bright, then change the vertcol color options to something darker. Maybe that’ll work.

Use radiosity for lighting. Either that or use vertex colors.