How to control the look of fluid?

Could someone please help me how to control how fluid would look like? For example how could I make it look like a single droplet of water falling, or like a large body of water rushing?

there a several ways of controlling the fluid. It’s all based on physical behavior.
The most important one’s are:

  • viscosity (how it deforms, accelerates etc.)
  • slip (how the water and surfaces the water flows on/over effects it speed etc.)
  • particle value (low value: more of a solid fluid mass. High values: more sprinkles and droplets)

And you also need to check the material settings.
I recommend to use a glass shader with an IOR of 1.333. This is a physical value which could be looked up in lists for several liquids at given temperatures. You may ask google for proper values :wink:

You also should check the animation time and your domain size before baking your sim. These values are really important for realistic looking water animations.


mcdikki, how do you get the fluid particle to work?

In the fluid domain \ domain particles tab, I set Tracer particles to different values (100 to 1000), I set Generate particles to different sizes betwwen 0.1 and 1.0. I add an object with Fluid particle, change the influence size and the alpha to different values, check the 3 types of particles, use the same cache directory as that of the domain, but nothing seems to have any impact whatsoever in the render. I am using cycles.
Am I missing something?

I can’t recall if fluid particles are actually particles or a physical mesh. If its particles it probabaly won’t render in cycles. Do they show when you render in the blender internal renderer.

If i recall right, Particles won’t show up in simulations unless you have a subdivision of 2 or higher.
Domain Boundry > Subdivisions

Alse take a look at this Tutorial, as they make use of tracer particles in the simulation.

Yes, this is the point. You need to set the subdivision at least to 2. Otherwise no particles will show up in your render.
The particles are not the same as in a normal particle system. It just means how the water appear in your sim. More like a solid mass of water or more like sprinkles and droplets. If you set it really high, it even looks like a fog somehow…


It was indeed already set to 2 as advised by the cgcookie blender tutorial. My problem must be something else. I can see the impact in the viewport actually, it is the render which is always the same. I must be doing something silly…

I had similar issues when i rendered out of edit mode, i could not see the changes i done in my render.
Maybe this is the problem…


Sorry, I am pretty new to blender. What do you mean by “when i rendered out of edit mode”?
Actually, my problem is that I cannot even select the frame I want to render, it will always render the same frame, wether I render with F12, or select the viewport rendered mode, or out of blender (by command line). It does not match what I see in the viewport in wireframe mode.

Editmode is when you’re able to select verts in a mesh. You go there by TAB. If you select the whole object by right clicking, you’re in object mode.

In the standard view, you should have a timeline at the bottom of your window. There you could select your frame. You could also navigate with your arrowkeys. F12 should render the frame you’re on.
If you want to render a whole animation, you should go to the render panel an click the animation button.

You may want to have a look at some tuts about that. It’s just easier to see this than to explain it by text.


Thanks. No, you’re right this is pretty basic stuff and I get all that.
Nevertheless, in the timeline, whichever frame I chose and do a F12, or when I select rendered mode instead of wireframe in the viewport, or when I render by command line (where the frame number is one of the arguments), the render always turns out to be on the same frame (the last one it seems). Really don’t know what I am doing wrong…

Could you start a new Thread in a proper forum and append a screenshot of your viewport and your render?
I think this is not a fluid or simulation matter. So lets work on that at the right place :wink:


So I was indeed doing something stupid. I had applied the fluid modifier and rebaking on top of it over and over again… Sorry to have messed up this thread…