How to control vibration of Wii in blender?

Hi, everyone ,does anyone know how to control vibration of wii in Blender? or Using Python script to trigger vibration? or some API to trigger vibration?

can you even use the wii with blender?

I assume you’re connecting the Wii remote to your computer via Bluetooth. Blender and Python won’t have any ways of controlling the vibration directly.

I don’t have much experience with this myself, but you’ll probably have to use some third party external software like glovePIE to use vibration.

yes, I can use Wii with blender. now I search some 3-party external software to try it works or not

yes, I can write a program using GlovePIE to let Wii vibration(rumble). But question is how does blender communicate with GlovePIE program. This is a problem.

Like I said, I don’t have much experience with it myself. I would suggest searching the glovePIE forums for how to interact with it using other software (i.e. Blender).

agoose77 already pointed to the thread how to send glovepie data to Blender using sockets, and that works fine :D. Never tried it the other way around though. Blender can send data to a port but I don’t know what options glovepie has to collect that data. I guess you can best search for that part on the glovepie forums.

Also never tried the blender scripts in the new 2.5/2.6 series…

After seeing this thread I can answer: Maybe! (I know you can)
Here’s the tutorial I used, you can use it too. (you’re a mac user)

gangwu6, I’ve sent you a PM about using it with Blender (this is my problem), a reply would be great, cheers.

I got your PM. Actually, the method to work with Wii botton & control is simple. Firstly, disable mouse and enable Wii. so use wii to control cursor. In blender logic brick, choose mouse as sensor, using python script to control some object followed by cursor(which is controled by Wii). As result, you can work with Wiimote. Followed you will find the project i made including Logic Brick and Python code. Hope it will help you.
Feel free let me know if you have any questions