How to controll the outcome of a rigid body simulation?

Hi guys, I need your help!

Firstly what I want. An intro where 6 dice dropped into a corner, and when it’s stopped it should look like as the end of this video:

And my problem: I can’t control the dices where they fall. I can just try where should I put the dices, to fall it’s down, to the right place. After a long time I had a fortune and I get this result:

It’s nice and awesome, but not so realistic, it need more bouncing, but I can’t find any options what I can change in blender render, just in blender game, where at least twice as complicated the trying than in blender render.

So I have three solution for this:

  1. Trying
    (I think it’s acceptable the try when you learning, and playing with blender, but it’s not so subservient.)[TABLE=“class: gt-baf-table”]

2. I should write a script, which calculate that, wich way should fall the dices, to stops it’s the right place.
(But unfortunately firstly I must to learn python, and write it, but it would take too long…)

  1. I should make a revese clip, where the dices stands on the right place, and it’s ‘falling up’ and if I reverse the reverse that I would get back what I want, but it seems to be impossible to create the reverse realistic.

So guys, wich one should I choose, or if you have an other idea I gladly accept.


(In the mean time I’ll keep trying, and sorry for my english :slight_smile: )

One thing you could try is bake the rigid body physics of the cubes before you texture them. Then go to the end of the animation and texture the cubes so that they spell what you want. Now when you run the animation this is how they will end up.

lol 6 die in a certain order! gotta be “I love u” ?? whos the lucky other?

sorry I got a warped sense of humour

AlanK’s way is prob the easiest

  1. is a lot of fun but you will never be 100% happy with the result
  2. is a lot of work but if you want to learn python anyway is maybe good, always best to start with a target
  3. wow trying is good but banging your head on a wall is NOT!! give it a whirl but if you don’t get a good result in 4 or 5 goes try one of the other ways

Sorry, I didn’t write it I solved that problem, that they spell what I want, because, it’s still now no have any texture, I made it’s meshes to looks like this, but when I got a good places to the dices I bake the animation to keyframes, and after I rotate the dices in edit mode. My main problem that’s I can’t stop, the right place the dices, because usually they have own will and flies out of the scene.

Thx, so firstly I will buy a helmet…
After, I will done this animation until the deadline with trying, and after can come the python…

So thanks guys the help, good luck to me, and if you have any other idea I’m happy to write to here.