How to convert a 3ds, obj or. Blend to (. Mab)?

How to convert a 3ds, obj or. Blend to (. Mab)?

never seen this software before, looks interesting but also seems to be dead :frowning:
homepage has gone!! nothing about it in a couple of years

is it worth looking at ?
am sure a python guru could make a export addon but if its really dead I don’t think they would bother unless it has some clever tricks

I though MSP supported FBX import?

The interesting thing is that AMD used! that’s what matters to me. On if he’s dead but not really know why, also believed it was bought by another company and therefore not on any side, but it’s really interesting. I look at many sides and so someone had climbed to the web it again. I saw a (ati V8750) equivalent to a (Amd 7870) of today.

Lo interesante es que usa Amd !! eso es lo que me importa. En si esta muerto pero no se sabe muy bien el porque, ademas se cree que fue comprado por otra empresa y por eso no aparece en ningun lado, pero es realmente interesante. Lo busque en muchos lados y alguien lo tenia asi que lo subio a la web de nuevo. Lo vi con una (ati v8750) equivalente a una (Amd 7870) de hoy en dia.

have d/l’d it (heck its free my fav price)
will have a look on my next rainy day :wink: