How to convert blender object animation to Ogre?

I am learning to move blender bone and mesh animations to the Ogre3d game engine.

Now this question is about animated objects, not bones and not morphs.

At time X my camera is at x,y,z and objects at x1,y1,z1 and so forth. At time x+1 everything has moved to a slightly different position.

How do I transfer that position information to use in another format?

Is there a blender python script to output this data at each frame?


You may get most help in the official ogre exporter addon support thread

I have been using this to convert blender bones and bone animations to Ogre skeleton files.

It does say something about “real-time streaming of object location and scale into RealXtend Tundra2” so that might be close to what I am looking for.