How to convert Bump Map to Greyscale

I guess it’s doable, but I can’t find a way how to do it. Please advice.
Suppose you have something similar to the below image and you need to make a greyscale image from it (like a height map):

You can put the image though a Hue Satuation Value node in your compositor.

Or alternatively you can put the image though something like Photoshop and give it a Black and White filter and adjust the colors appropriately

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I tired, but it creates shadows and highlights areas, while I need to get a uniform height map. Exactly as rendered bumps look - they are all the same height all around the object.
And I need to make it with Blender nodes :slight_smile:
This is example of what I need to create:

sorry for the long wait in response

It’s been a long time since I have done some baking of textures. but what you can do is use an addon called “BakeLabs” (I believe it’s free). this should allow you to bake Displacements, which is another way of saying a heightmap

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After playing a bit more with desaturated image, I think I can use it. I prefer not to bake anything extra :slight_smile:
Thanks Tom!

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You’re Very Welcome :blush: