How to convert custom orientation into normal orientation?

:no:who know?Is it possible?

You mean like clear rotation?(get your y axis ponting straight again)

ALT-R for clear rotation
ALT-G for clear location
ALT-S for clear scale

or: select object>SPACE>transform>Clear/apply>“clear loc, rot, or scale”

Thank mack!
But I want to convert custom Z axis into object’s Z axis!


do you mean apply rotation as in
Ctrl A apply scale and rotation to ObData

I think you may have scaled the model down until it inverted itself. Try this…

Click Object button (F7) and then click Axis in the Draw tab, then hit Z in the editing window to go into wire frame mode.
Select the model in Object Mode, then scale from one side of your monitor to the other. The model should get really small and then big again. The axis of your object should flip over. Then hit Alt+R to clear rotation to the normal rotation.

Your question is so unclear, even with a drawing…

Do you really want your CTO to become aligned with the object’s local axis, like you write ? Then just make your CTO using that object, in Object mode.

Do you want to align your local axes on your CTO ? Then use the Ctrl-Alt-A shortcut.


you could always move it in edit mode :smiley:
(tab) , then RKEY (type in X, then 90 for a rotation of 90 degrees around the x axis)
then tab out to object mode :smiley: