How to convert java .jar to blender python code

is it possible to convert .jar to a python that runs in blender ?

Not only does the java script need converting into python, but the funcion calls need to also be changed.

can you please explain furthermore and in-depth?

in python, and specific for blender, there are certain funtion calls used to make the plugin work. Something that is unique for blender. The other plugin, uses unique function calls for the other program. Call numbers, or program code address codes.

You would have to hand edit the entire script. Even the deep learning AI cannot help you.

It is possible to make a derived work, a plugin to work in blender. Maybe you should hire a python and java programmer.

thanks for your help, do you have anyone in mind that can help me on my project?

There’s a few ways you can do this.

  1. Rewrite all the code in Python. This is probably the most time consuming, but simplest option. You don’t have to worry about handling a server process, and you don’t need to handle stuff like dealing with having memory freed on the right side of an interface. It’s all done for you. However, you get the speed drawbacks of Python, and you have to rewrite everything and test it all.
  2. Create a Java to Python interface. There’s a few ways you can directly connect the two languages together. There’s stuff like Py4j, or you can create a Java to C and then C to Python interface. In some cases, this may be slower to execute than the pure Python stuff (due to the overhead from transferring from Python to Java and visa versa), but you only have to build the interface code between the two languages, and therefore only test the interface. However, you probably have to make sure that things that are created in Java or Python are destroyed in Java or Python (or bad things may happen).
  3. Create a server wrapper on top of the Java code, then have Python send requests to the server. This is probably one of the easier solutions, but the cost of communicating between Java and Python are high because you have to serialize (or convert your memory into something that can be transferred from the client and server) your data, and then deserialize it. Also, you have to manage the server process. So, when to start it up, when to stop it, and what to do if it suddenly dies.

I do not have anyone in mind for your project. You might try searching for a company online, if your willing to spend the money.

If not, is this a plugin that all of blender would love to have? It could be possible to get some opensource help, making the new plugin public. what type of license is the java plugin in?

This code must help you :

from subprocess import *

def jarWrapper(*args):
process = Popen([‘java’, ‘-jar’]+list(args), stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
ret = []
while process.poll() is None:
line = process.stdout.readline()
if line != ‘’ and line.endswith(’\n’):
stdout, stderr = process.communicate()
ret += stdout.split(’\n’)
if stderr != ‘’:
ret += stderr.split(’\n’)
return ret

args = [‘myJarFile.jar’, ‘arg1’, ‘arg2’, ‘argN’] # Any number of args to be passed to the jar file

result = jarWrapper(*args)
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