How to convert large rotation numbers to smaller ones

Hello, so my question is about converting any large rotation number to smaller one (in range 0-360)
I have very big Z rotation in lots of my objects and I want to convert it

And if it possible, I want to normalize negative rotation to 0-360 range

in the z rotation field type %360 after 1512 and press enter.
It’s the modulo operator. It divides a number by another leaving you with the remainder.

To convert negative rotation into positive subtract the negative from 360 and you have a positive rotation.

Edit: You can do the subtraction right in the number field also.

360 - 'your-rot-value'

or even

360 - ('your-rot-value'%360)

Attention! In normal math, you have to take care of the - sign. So it’d be

360 - ('your-rot-value'%(-360))

it only works because modulo always gives back a positive integer. (Value of)

Watch out to not use two - in the first example. Or you will add the numbers


awesome! Thanks

Glad I could help.
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