How to convert orco mode in uv map

I am quite new to the fantastic blender.
Anyway, I work with blender for architecture.
So, when texturing models its quite easy to select the orco mode (map input)

But some times I have to make small changes to some faces.
And the best way to do that is UV map and flat selected.
But to do that I need to assign all uv maps to all faces. And this is a bit boringā€¦:frowning:

Is there anyway to convert the textures assined in orco mode to UV map and then change only the face I want? :confused:

Thanks in advance.

You can bake textures. So in other words, you have your texture applied in orco, unwrap your mesh (probably use unwrap [smart projections]) and then give the UV an image (just add a new one). Go into the render settings and click the tab that has bake, click textures. Then click bake, (all in edit mode with all vertices selected) and viola! You have your UV texture :smiley: