How to copy a deformation from one object to another?

I duplicated the monkey and deleted some of the faces.
I want the duplicated parts to follow the original monkey.

I used mesh deformer.
But it does not deform precisely.

How can I do this.

If they did deform identically, you would have z-fighting, wouldn’t you?

One thing people do in this situation is use a Mask Modifier operating on the underlying vertices as a Vertex Group.

Now, I almost said what you want is impossible (but I am learning that this is foolish to say with Blender!). What you could do is add hooks to each of the top mesh’s vertices, then parent each of the Hook-Empty’s to the underneath mesh verts using Vertex Parenting.

Another thing that might work is adding a Shrinkwrap Modifier to the top mesh.

Maybe there are even more ways.


You need to use a method of deformation that isn’t topology-dependent. An armature can do this, though it may not be optimal for the kind of deformations you want to do. Just get your full model working as you want, then dupe the mesh and remove whatever faces are necessary. The remainder will follow the original model’s deformations. I do this frequently to create collision hulls for cloth and (in earlier versions) hair.

Thank you for your advice.
It seems that there is no strait way to do it.
Maybe I need to write an addon to make a hook and parent it to a vertex.