How to copy a property from another scene ?

Hello, first of all sorry about my bad english :s

I’m using two scenes, 1-PrincipalScene and another 2-MenuScene the second is a Overlay Scene.

In PrincipalScene there is a Property called “Mode” and in MenuScene there is a Property Called “Select”.

I cannot copy the values of Property Select from Property Mode.

Help me plzzz :frowning:

Send the value via message see BGE Guide to Messages incl. Healthbar tutorial

Thanks a lot =D

Or you could use the pickle module.
(import pickle first)

with open('file', 'wb') as data: # Create or overwrite a file                
                pickler = pickle.Pickler(data)
                dic = {}
                dic["Mode"] = your_object["Mode"] # Copy the value of your property
                pickler.dump(dic) # Dump it

And then :

with open('file', 'rb') as data: # Open the file
                depickler = pickle.Unpickler(data)
                dic = depickler.load() # Load the dic
                your_object["Select"] = dic["Mode"] # Get the value 

Not by writing a text file, come on.

Really you should use messages or globalDict. (read Monster’s guide on messages)