How to copy a rest pose from one armature to a pose on another armature?

I’m retargeting clothing meshes from one humanoid to another (that are different sizes).

I have two armatures with the exact same structure. One of them I’ve moved the bones to fit my clothing and created a new rest pose for it. The other fits the base model.

In theory, All I should have to do now is pose the clothing rig to match the rest pose of the humanoid model, apply the armature to the newly deformed mesh, and I’m 99% done!

But I can’t figure out how to copy the position/scale/rotation from one armature to another. Using the pose library doesn’t work, because the poses are relative to the rest pose (and the rest pose is different).

Is there a way to copy the absolute position/rotation/scale of one rig to another?

IF the figures are in the same file you might be able to select all the bones in the first figure and copy the pose.
Then go to the second figure, select all the bones, and paste the pose. You could then save that as the new rest pose.

Me,too. Please post if you find a way, but seems to say you have to do it by hand. It can be made more accurate but no less tedious by snapping the cursor to a bone in one armature and then snapping the bone on the other armature to the cursor.