How to copy "All Phisical Attributes" in blender-2.5

How to copy game Physics settings to another object?
The same command in blender-2.4* was “Ctrl+C” menu.
But in blender-2.5* i did’t find this command
Please help!:D:D

Have you tried the “Copy Attributes Menu” addon?

Thank’s for reply!
Yes i have (addons/, but it not containe anything like “Copy Physics”
May be it’s imposible in v2.5…

I don’t think you can, but try the object property chart addon to copy one property at a time, o assign your settings before duplicating objects. Other way is by scripting. This will assign your selected objects some rigid body settings. Change the script to fit your needs…

import bpy

lista = []
for ob in bpy.context.scene.objects:

for ob in lista: = 'RIGID_BODY' = 1 = 'BOX' = 1