how to copy animation?

(anatak) #1

i have a simple animation of words that are marching past the camera.
Now i want to copy the words so i can represent an army.
I used to armatures parented to an empty.
the words (text) are parented to the armatures.
But i m unable to copy my animation :frowning:
please Help

(S68) #2

I’m not an expert at animation, but have you tried to duplivert it?


(sten) #3

If you would like some help maybe you should either tell us more about it or either post the .blend-file so we all can help you, at this stage I can’t get much out of your information …sorry :-?


(anatak) #4

how can i post my blend file?
can i post it using this forum?
or do i have to put it on a server somewhere?
Can i email it to you?