How to copy bones without losing constraints?

I want to copy a quite complex leg setup to equip a charcter with many of them. But how to do so without losing all the constraints? A simple Shift+D in Edit Mode and the constraints are gone. Copy attributes for each bone is NOT what I’m looking for.


Copy the whole Armature in Object mode with Shft-D then delete what you don’t want and Ctrl-J join it to the original.


That’s exactly the way it doesn’t work. Guess, there is no workaround. Hopefully I never have to rig a centipede.

hi i just posted a tute showing ya how to copy constraints if it helps ??

As I wrote in the first post, I know about copying attributes (cause it is in the documentation). Thanks, anyways.
What I need is a convenient solution for rigging some arthropod like creatures with almost dozens of legs applying something like Bassam’s leg setup (without going crazy!). Not everyone wants to rig just humanoids.