How to copy collections structure from one file to another?

I try append collections but it comes to new file all as top level collection while In original file I had a collection inside a collection inside a collection. A tree like structure.
Is there a way to move/copy the whole structure to a new file?

File > Append > Select file > “Collection” > Click Preferred Collection > Append

I am doing that way already but it all makes all collections a top level ones. No sub-collections

Ohh, Yeah blender is really crap with doing this. I guess its because its a odd thing for blender to pack into its .blend file. I’ve checked around other forums and I cant find a solution to this sadly

Tanks Tom, hoped there is some hidden way to do it properly .

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Maybe I am not understanding the question but Blender does append collection trees, to see the tree go to “view layer” in the outliner.
Here I had an empty scene, and have appended a load of collections with their respective sub-collections inside. (inside the “body” collection there is a “bolts and rivets” collection and a “resta” collection etc. etc.

with the outliner in “scenes” the appended collection tree looks like this (after expanding the scene collection arrow):

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Thanks to DNorman example I think I figured it out.
It’s necessary to have one parent collection to everything and select only that single one in append dialog . That way it comes with all the tree and sub-collections.

I usually make sibling collections and select the whole list of collections in append dialog. That way they all comes as first level siblings

I still do not really understand your problem.
Collection are similar to folders.

You have a collection “a” that contains collections “b” and “c”, collection “c” contains collection “d”.

When you append collection “a” all its children will also be appended (“b”, “c”, and “d”), with the same “tree” structure.

If you append collection “b” and “c” it will append collections “b” “c” and “d” ("d"inside collection “c”).

If you append collection “d” it will only append collection “d”

It is like copying and pasting folders, in your hard disk.

There are a few differences, one that I have noticed is this:

Say you have a cube that is dependent on a sphere via a driver for its location.
The sphere is in a different collection (or even a different scene).

If you append the collection with the cube into a new file, it will also append sphere from the other collection.
The sphere will be appended outside of the collection you appended, on its own (without it’s collection).

If you append the collection with the sphere it will only append that collection (as the sphere does not depend on the cube)

Yeah. you are right. I figured it out . You just don’t select all, like a,b,c,d in the append dialog. Only parent one of what you need . If you select the whole list as I did before they all comes as siblings.