How to copy Color Management settings of Render properties from a blend file to other blend file

Currently the only way I know is to set a value in an empty blend file and start there or append a scene from another blend file.
But I hope there is a more convenient way.
Is there a way or add-on I don’t know about?
Let me know please. :slight_smile:

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Hello! I think, you could try configuring your start-up file. Set-up your Color Management, then go to File -> Defaults -> Save Startup File. This way you can start a new file with your pre-set Color Management.

Or, you can stay in the first file, and import the other stuff, as FBX items - -

This is something I really miss in Blender, in several parts of the application.
Various settings, shader node setups, render setups, camera stuff… There’s no way to export/import from one scene to another in simple steps. There are some addons out there, but some things should be in the app by default. Some form of xml or json file exchange would be awesome and removes some of the ‘save in blend file’ way of working.
We can only hope… :wink:

The only way I know of is like you said. Save the settings in the default startup file. Also, this topic is in the wrong category. It probably belongs in Basics and Interface, or Technical Support.

Oh, I just noticed that. Moved to Basic and Interface categories.

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