How to copy keyframes?

I imagine this is beyond noobish but as I normally just model static things and am now getting into rigging and animating; how do you copy a keyframe?

So if I wanted to make a character jump, and lets say Frame 1 included a keyframe where they were on the ground, 10 frames in I made another keyframe of them up in the air, and on frame 20 back on the ground. how do I copy the keyframe from frame one and paste it on frame 20? Is there a way to do this in the timeline?

I’m in blender 2.69


Select the object(s) you want to keyframe, then change a window to a Graph Editor window. You should see the curves with nodes where you placed your keyframes. Make sure the window is in edit mode (tab key), then you can select nodes (often you’ll need to press [b] for box select). You can copy and paste the keyframes using Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V or duplicate Shift-d and move them using [m] just like you move vertices in edit mode.

Thanks! Problem solved!