How to copy mesh from one object and paste in another?

there seems to be no copy and paste in edit mode

all i want to do is copy vertices object and paste in another.

i’ve tried join a bunch of times but doesn’t work to merge together

any idea how to copy and paste? (not duplicate)


Try duplicate, seperate, then join with the target object.

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yes, i know that’s the standard way but join doesn’t work for me, don’t know why, the option is greyed out when i have both objects selected

Are both objects meshes? Join does not work between mesh and curve for example.

Duplicate is more or less copy and paste. If you want something that is the same as something you already have, then just duplicate that item…

both objects are meshes and join doesn’t work.

i don’t know why people keep saying to use duplicate when what i want is the ability to copy paste vertices from one object into another in edit mode. sure i can duplicate all i want but that doesn’t move them anywhere if join doesn’t work.

as you can see, 2 objects selected, join greyed out

No, “Join” is not greyed out, an inactive entry looks like this below, and the marking is still blue, so it is active.
“Align Active Camera to View” is greyed out.

If join does not work there is another problem or maybe an bug.
When possible upload your file, so we can take a look at it.

huh, your’re right, this time it worked, weird, i tried many time before and it didn’t work