How to copy object and paste into a new project?

Is it even possible?

Reason why, my renders look funky, the edges are extremely sharp in some parts while others are smooth… I messed around a lot with the settings and don’t know what the original settings were… When I load factory settings, my project disappears and is replaced with a cube…

Anyhow, any help would be much appreciated.


Shift+F1 to append objects from one blend to another.

So I have to do it one object at a time??? Oh man, this is gonna take forever…

(Thanks by the way)

No, it’s not only for 1 object by 1 object.
In the Object category when you append from a blend, every object are listed, just select them all and they will be copied into your current scene when you’ll click “Load Library” (in 2.49b) or “Link/Append from Library” (in 2.5x).