how to copy objects with gamepython


is it possible to create copies from GameObjects similar to

destObj = srcObj.copy()

in the normal Blender-Python API?

A workaround with a fixed number of premade, disabled copies is not suitable, because I’ve no clue how many objects the user will need.

Thanks in advance,


what are you trying to do?

somehow I don’t see the add object actuator as not fufiling your needs, you can add as many as you want (just one per frame)

Thanks for the tip, I tried that, but… is this Actuator doing anything - or am I simply too stupid to use it…

I stripped a key-sensor (an AND-Controller) and an “Edit-Object” actuator together, set the actuator to “Add Object”-Mode, filled in the Object I want to copy (the same one that’s linked to the controller) and gave it a initial speed-vector. What happens when I press the specified key is - simply nothing. (All other modes like “End Object” and “replace Mesh” work as expected)

Am I doing something wrong?



P.S.: Also tried to change the time value to 2000. Doesn’t help at all.

the object needs to be in a layer that isn’t visible when the game is running, otherwise the add object actuator will not work.
(it complains in the console window too)

if the time value is 0 the object will not die after a period of time, but you can kill it with the edit object->end object actuator.

reading the manual is sometimes of advantage :expressionless:

it’s working now, thanks