How to copy one armature from one blend file to another

Hi everyone, as the title suggests, I want to copy one armature from a .blend file and then import it into a new project for editing. Is this possible? I tried link/append but that doesn’t let me edit it or anything. How could I do it? Thanks.

You append it to the new file, but you must append it as an object. With the new project loaded in blender, go to append, then in the file browser, navigate to the .blend file that contains the armature you want and open it. You’ll be presented with a series of new folders, navigate to the ‘Object’ folder, and select the armature object from this folder. It should bring in the armature that can now be edited.


Thanks! It’s just what I wanted. Now when I import more game characters I don’t have to make the same rig over and over again!