How to copy-paste a UV map on another object?

I know that different shapes have different UVs, but in my case I have 2 equal objects (as topology, vertices ecc), but one of them is a liiiittle edited, just moved some vertices a very little bit. Then, on the edited model, I have created UV maps and PBR maps.
Now I regret the little editings I did, and I want to come back to the old version but with the same UV maps / PBR maps.

How to do this, assuming to have both the objects in the scene?

Have you tried the DataTransfer modifier?
Let’s assume object A is the one with the correct UV, and object B is the new mesh.
Create an empty UVmap for object B, add the DataTransfer modifier to it.
As your ‘Source Object’, peek object A.
Check ‘Face Corner Data’, with method ‘Nearest Face Interpolated’ and then turn ‘UVs’ on.
If it’s working as expected, you can apply the modifier and it’s done.

If the topology (and vertex counts) is the same you could also do transfer UV maps, you select both of the meshes and do Transfer UV Maps (or bpy.ops.object.transfer_uvs()) The UVs of the active object are transferred to the selected object.