how to copy skin weights


My question is, how do you copy skin weights from one object and then apply them to another object of the same volume?


Select your object that needs the effect. Then select the object with the effect. Ctrl+L, and
choose whatever applies. Link modifiers if particles/fluid/cloth etc or other modifier is involved,
object data, materials and animation data is pretty self explanatory.

Alrite. I’ve tried several different combinations of what you just described, but nothing seems to be working. I’ve only managed to copy the material onto the model without the UV-map. Everything else I try results in the animations of the mesh with no UV to go all crazy. Can you give me some tutorial link or something instead?


Yet i haven’t any Link…but if i get found a tutorial then i will give you.otherwise u can try searching YouTube…thanks

Somewhere on this forum is a thread that links to a blender script that copys weights between models that do not share the same topology. I know because i just used it the other day and it worked great. I dont know the thread offhand but a search should get you there. Im in a hurry atm so i cant look it up right now. If you cant find it ill try to post a link later today.

here’s a link that leads to such a script, it was developed to create mesh characters for Second Life, but it works for anything:

duh, I forgot the link:

Thats the one! And yes it works great. Just be sure to follow the instructions closely.