How to copy the mode of the IPO interpolation?

Hi all,

I need some help. I have many objects that I animated with IPO (LocRotScale).
Default mode seems to be Bezier interpolation, so IPOs were created automatically with Bezier IPOs (for about 50 objects).
How can I make all of my IPO-s to interpolate linearly or constantly, without changing curves individually afterwards?

Can I copy the mode of interpolation?
Can I change the default mode of interpolation?

Thank you in advance.

afaik, no way to set default pre-creation.

if they all share the same Ipo you only have to do it once. If there are hundreds of individual Ipos, it would be best to change them as a batch kind of program in in a Python script, rather than manually.

That is very sad and I am very surprised to hear that. I thought, it would be something common to do.
Unfortunately, I do not speak Python at all.
Maybe if I make IPO keys relative (dLoc, dRot, dScale) it would help to reduce the amount of work a bit but it would still be too much probably, so I will have to think about it.

Thank you for your help.