How to copy the UV coordinates from one face of an object to another?

Howdy this question is on UV editing, need to know if there is any mechanism for this in blender to feed my laziness.

I made a flat plane, and textured it with an image with UVS. But its got to be a 3d object. This resulted in lots of fubarred faces, as per the below screenie:

Is there any way, after putting one face’s coordinates correctly (the highlighted square above, to copy and paste them to other faces which still have messed up UVs? Or do i literally have to align each and every face’s points individually (massive time waste)?

Ehh, I think to transfer UV layouts, you select them both, and then press Ctr+L, and then transfer UV layouts. Make sure the select the one with the UV map last (I think that counts as the active object then, and if you hover over any option after pressing ctr+L, it says that the active object is the one that is transferring). I hope that helps.