How to copy various vertex locations

I have spent the best part of 2 days trying to find an answer to my problem…

I Have imported part of a character from Daz Studio into blender (lets call it Obj-A), modified the shape and exported it as a wavefront obj (Obj-B). I have done this loads of times before and all works fine when imported back to daz via morph loader pro. so no probs there… all is good

However, here lies my problem. . . I need to create a specific morph to the head, which needs to use the bottom half from the default shape (Obj-A) and the top half of a previous morph (Obj-B). (both of these have the exact same vertex count, groups, texture etc)

If it wasnt part of a character i could simply delete the vertices from the bottom half from Obj-B and the top half from Obj-A and then join the two remaining halves to get the desired result… simple… BUT, doing this will result in an error when trying to import back to Daz Studio (it allows vertex actual positions to change, but not deleted, added to etc)

So, how can I copy the vertex locations from the bottom half of Obj-A to the bottom half of Obj-B?

I have tried Oscurarts-Copy Vertex locations (which, from what I have seen, would do the the job perfectly). But trying to get that to work (…tried in 6 different versions of blender today), has been an absolute nightmare and caused more headaches trying to get it to work than my original problem :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated


If the changes are small you might be able to get away with shrinkwrapping a to b using ‘nearest vertex’ mode. There’s probably some clever gui solution, but the only other way I can think of would be a few lines of python.

Thanks Photox

I have just tried your suggestion… The first few attempts changed the whole object and not just selected vertices… tut. . .
BUT… I created a couple of new vertex groups and tried again. . . and it worked a treat :slight_smile:
Luckily the changes required were fairly small on that particular part of the object… Not too sure if it would have worked the other way round tho.

I now have the result I was after though, so thanks so much for your help. . . Much appreciated