How to Copy X Scale value to Y Scale

I have a problem.
I created a landscape with billboards tree. I built 10 flat trees and then I linked them to a series of objects (about 2000) to which I applied a random scale.

Now I need to turn these flat trees, into, Y trees. I modify source object but problem now is that the scale of the Y axis does not have the same X-axis value in the linked object by deforming the tree (X,Z Random value and Y have 1.0 in all trees).

The only way I’ve found to correct the problem is to select a single tree and copy and paste the value by hand

The question is: is there a script or an addon that allows me to align the two values to all objects automatically?

I could re-apply the random scale, but I like how they are now, and it would be impossible to replicate it.


I don’t know a existing function that would do that. But by your description I think this will do what you want…

Select the trees you want to fix, and run this python snippet.
Just paste it into a Python Console window and press enter a couple times.

for o in :
    if :
        o.scale[1] = o.scale[0]

Yes, just what I wanted. It works perfectly :slight_smile: