How to copyright infringe 3 major companies at the same time: The iGame Move

It’s no joke, the Microsoft Kinect has finally come of age because it now has its very own kockoff.

Not only that, the name infringes on both the lowercase ‘i’ used by Apple and the ‘Move’ name from Sony. This system also aims to be a great value by offering 23 built in games at 640x480 resolution.

Read on and learn more about the best gaming product since the Vii.

Copyright or Patent and Trademark ?
Patents are USA and Japan only…

How can Apple Copyright the letter “i” ?
Doesn’t Intel use the letter i for i7 i5 etc???

Oh, wow I just noticed that.:smiley:

Apple got in trouble for using that name anyway because it already belongs to another company who sued apple 1.6Billion for copyright infringement LOL