How to correct distorted / fragmented UV maps

Hello to every one blender guru,

I’m trying to learn how works UV maps and how to texture laying-out body uvs. I don’t know how to explain the problem using very technical terms because I’m a newbie in blender and I don’t speak english as primary language. I don’t know why the uv map of my mesh is composed by irregular islands while the others seems to be more compact. I can move a lot of islands by clicking mouse at any point on their area,but some of them are part of larger islands but they are separated from them. Is there a way to optimize them ? Also because character mesh seems to have no problems. If I don’t correct these Uv maps,I can’t color them. Is there a way to apply seams automatically / correctly instead of current ones ? I hope that the attached screenshot is self explanatory. Thanks.


You have to add the seams yourself to control how the model is split for the UVs.

If you don’t get the UV unwrap you want then your seams are not placed correctly. Therefore in your case check your seam placement. YOU are the ONLY person who can do this since you have not supplied a link to your .blend file for anyone else to look at.

Unwrapping with U / Smart UV Project will give a quick unwrap based on the settings you use but will split into lots of islands.


if someone wants to help me,this is the blender source file. If you fix the problem I can compare my version with the fixed one to learn better. Thanks.

In the pic attached,you see where I have placed the seams. I tried to follow the tutorial,so If I have to place seams in some other place,It is not explained on the tutorial,so I don’t know where.